Thursday, August 23, 2012

how-to: mermaid hair

You we delivered! Well, Stacey, our hair + make-up artist actually did because we know nothing about how to get our hair as good as Amanda Booth in our Yesterday's Flowers lookbook.
Colored tresses are the hottest hair trend this summer that has everybody wondering, "How can I get my hair to look like that?" Getting the perfect mermaid (or unicorn!!) hair is super simple and just as easy to get rid of if you're over it.
On Amanda, I got a little messy by sticking with some familiar products and experimenting with new ones for the first time!
 I started first with a temporary color hair spray in turquoise, which you can find at any beauty supply store. Spray 8 inches away, starting from the ends up. I like to pull the can farther away as I spray upward, to create a "faded" look. 
 Wild colors, temporary or permanent, always show up better on blonde/light hair. Lighter hair, brighter color!
 The Color Bug by Kevyn Murphy is a temporary hair chalk that is highly pigmented. Unfortunately, it only comes in three colors, pink, orange and purple!

I used the pink shade on the midsection of Amanda's hair. I started by twisting finger sized sections of hair and rubbing the Color Bug on, making sure the pink fades upward.

Untwist section, and rub chalk up and down, blending onto hair.

The chalk gets a little messy, so be prepared by wearing an old T and a pair of gloves!
Dont be intimidated, these products are easy to use and are easily controlled.
To remove, just shampoo!

The color Bug even works on dark hair and blends easily!

If you're not ready to commit to mermaid hair, start off with just one color!
...but if you're all for it, go for the full multi-color effect
easy squeezy lemon peezy! 


  1. That is great! And now is perfect after the sun has kill the color of our hair.

  2. LOVE :)

  3. and I wanted to do my hair like this for such a long time, but didn't want to ruin them! that was so helpful!!! thank you so much :) xx

  4. Absolutely stunning.. but I have the same question.. does it stain blondes?

  5. For a split-second I thought you were UMA THURMAN. You're so pretty!
    Larissa :) xxx