Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Debuting Black Label

This week Planet Blue is excited to announce the launch of their first Private Label sold exclusively at Planet Blue stores and website (www.ShopPlanetBlue.com). The Private Label from this cult LA boutique is a collection of bohemian-chic, sexy, gypset pieces that represent the essence of the stores culture.

Over the years Planet Blue, has cultivated a very distinguished, unique, California style and with their first Private Label the creative’s behind the brand seek to make their signature look more accessible to their customers.

The collection consists of xxx designs ranging from silk tops and floral mini’s to maxi dresses and flowing skirts. With a strong emphasis on using only unique fabrics the Private Label is truly one-of-a-kind. Only 15 pieces are created in each print and once they are gone they are never to be reproduced again!

While the line caters to their customer’s individual styles, the designers behind the Private Label feel that fit is the most important element to this collection. Planet Blue is all about feeling sexy and confident in what you wear and each piece fits and flatters all figures and sizes.

Purchase yours here.

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